About us

STL has  a team of dedicated employees who are hardworking and  self-driven.

STL Semiconductor and the BG Ndegwa CNST is the first of its kind advanced Nano-technology and Semiconductor laboratory in Kenya and indeed in Africa. The CNST is a first-generation materials sciences facility offering scientific innovations targeted for Semiconductor, Agri-technology, Biotechnology, Energy, and any other large verticals. We aim to be the catalyst for cutting edge R&D innovation, intellectual property and proof of concepts for the Semiconductor and related industries. We will spawn off a new generation of innovators culminating in a compelling workforce suitable for large chip manufacturers. Our ultimate goal is to franchise numerous nanotechnology and semiconductor labs in Kenya and the region. These labs will eventually attract large chipmakers to set up manufacturing facilities locally and consume our raw domestic raw materials. This will be an economic gamechanger and a huge job creator for our citizens.