• April 26, 2024
  • Hellen
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AMCHAM 2024 STL & Baylis Emerging Markets MoU

We are happy to announce we sealed a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Baylis Emerging Markets during AMCHAM 2024. The agreement signals the initiation of a leading-edge fundraising venture, aimed at raising up to USD. 250 million. This is designated to boost STL’s existing semiconductor fabrication plant and research laboratory catalyzing unprecedented advancements in Africa’s technological landscape.

This transformative initiative boots chip manufacturing capacity to the continent, poised to not only mitigate risks and diversify the global supply chain but also to cultivate an ecosystem ripe for innovation and economic prosperity. As we embark on this journey with Baylis Emerging Markets, our unwavering focus remains on positioning ourselves as the leading microchip manufacturer in Africa. According to the CEO and Founder of Semiconductor Technologies Limited, Dr. Anthony Githinji, this is a significant milestone in achieving STLs vision to be the premier microchip manufacturer in Africa. STL is the pioneer of Semiconductor manufacturing in the Africa region, with the goal of setting up 2 high volume manufacturing (HVM) facilities at the Dedan Kimathi Science and Technology Park and 3 nanofabrication pilot plants in Kenya.

Through STLs Open Silicon Foundry Platform (OSFP), we seek to set up 3 additional facilities in the continent. Through our Green semiconductors initiative, we will harness Africa’s abundant green tech to fuel semi solutions for the African context and diversify the global chip supply chain. In addition, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Prosper Africa for the steadfast support in facilitating partnerships that fortify our capacity for technological advancement and sustainable growth.