STL Semiconductor has some exciting commercial R&D projects in the pipeline. These projects consist of    valuable end uses in the Semiconductor space.

Extreme Ultraviolet (UV) Semiconductor Masks

As we exceed Moore’s law, the need for smaller and smaller nodes in microelectronics has become a major bottleneck. STL has the technology to develop the next generation of photo masks. These masks allow companies to print smaller and smaller circuits on semiconductor wafers

Integrated Circuit (IC) Failure Analysis

As microelectronics become more complex, it is increasingly difficult to detect failures in the device. Conventional means are very time consuming and seldom result in good results. The semiconductor industry demands very high yields to make commercially marketable electronics. STL has developed technology that detects these failures at an atomic scale. Our technology directly impacts the bottom line in these companies by providing a quality assurance method that can be employed in the production lines.

Cyber Security and Anti-counterfeit technology

STL has technology that can deconstruct integrated circuits in the IC level. With this technology we can detect counterfeit electronics or embedded cyber exploits. The Bloomberg article explains a very insidious cyber exploit that can be solved with STL technology.

Josephson Junctions

STL has technology that can be employed in superconducting Niobium based switches. The commercial value of this program is very compelling.