Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety Commitment

STL is not only committed to effective environmental protection, but also to the health and safety of our employee. Our organization seeks to encourage every employee to be responsible in upholding high standards of Health, Safety and Environment preservation while working at our facility or while at a client’s facility.

Internalizing the company’s HSE standards through understanding, implementing and maintaining set ethos will ensure the well-being of every employee and any related stakeholder which in turn ensures business continuity in accordance to international standards.

We are mindful of our neighbors

The level of adherence to our HSE protocols also impacts the Dedan Kimathi University community, where the STL facility is currently situated. We strive to extend our HSE protocols way beyond our gates by encouraging our employees to engage our neighbors in conversation that may elevate not only the environment well-being, but also help our employees seek new techniques to improve our HSE


The beauty of Environment

To care for our environment means that we understand the value it brings us. STL grounds and its environs portray such beauty and by extension the core values that is instilled within the STL community. We believe that a beautiful environment helps reduce stress levels and thus, a motivated workforce.

Our Health and Safety Team