As a technology company, STL is also a data company. STL has invested in advanced capability in AI, Machine Learning, and Block Chain technology. Our data scientists are tooled to enhance our process capabilities through Predictive and Forensic Algorithms to build valuable models. STL has the first of its kind supply chain security product to tackle the most incidious cyber security exploits. These types of hardware exploits are highlighted in Bloomberg article “The Big Hack” This technology also has applications in mainstream production as a quality assurance product in chip manufacturing. With this technology, chipmakers can inspect their ICs as they move along the production line to detect manufacturing issues. The same technology can be used to detect failures in finished products. This technology would have been valuable in detecting failures that eventually caused the demise of the Samsung Note 7. Quality assurance is a major concern to chip makers across the board. Our products are used in yield improvement and Physical Failure Analysis. Our products are also used in detection of counterfeit technologies. This is a global challenge that causes the loss of millions of dollars from chipmakers. By detecting counterfeit or stolen technology, this gives companies the recourse needed for legal action.


Market Capitalization

  • Expected to grow from USD 2.98B in 2018 to USD 248B by 2023 with a CAGR of 10.8%

Market Driver

  • Cyber Security losses will eclipse USD 6Trillion by 2021

STL Sector  

  • Infrastructure, Supply chain security and anti-counterfeit technology
  • Industrial Control Systems

Our Customers

• State and federal  utility  • Governments and  Corporates