Nano materials R&D

Future semiconductors are borne out of materials research and development.  STL has a dedicated team of research scientists and process engineers that are equipped and tooled to execute advanced materials research. Our complement of sputtering equipment, etching and analytical systems allow the development of cutting-edge nanomaterials. Our capabilities are essential to customers requiring full life cycle R&D projects. Our customers range from large multinational semiconductor companies, academic institutions, and research foundations. STL has also invested in nanofabrication capabilities that can realize complete device manufacturing. With our nanofabrication scheduled to commission by Q4 of 2021, customers can achieve prototyping services through STL. As a complement to our nanofab, STL partners have SMT (Surface Mount Technology) available locally. This means that STL can realize complete electronics manufacturing.


Market Capitalization

  • Storage
    market expected to reach USD 125B by 2024 with a CAGR of 17%
    (PRWIRE 2018)

Market Drivers

  • Nanotech
    impacts all sectors of the global economy, electronics, energy, biomedical,
    defense, automotive and agriculture
  • Government
    funding, Private Sector, demand for miniaturization

STL Sector

  • EUV
    Semiconductor Masks
  • MEMS,
    Sensors, RF and Switches
  • Superconductors
    and Energy

Our Customers

Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, HOYA, ASAHI Glass