STL had the pleasure of welcoming Professor Mark Horn, an esteemed academic with a distinguished career in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Penn State University, along with respected delegates from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DEKUT). This visit marked a significant milestone in our efforts to promote academic collaborations and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise across borders.

During his visit, Professor Mark had the opportunity to interact with our team and engage in discussions on material science. It was an excellent opportunity for the STL staff to learn from his vast experience and expertise. The exchange of ideas and knowledge was enriching and insightful, providing us with a fresh perspective on various aspects of material science.

The primary objective of this visit was to explore possible avenues for collaboration between STL and DEKUT in diverse fields. The collaboration would include various programs such as fellowship, research, and development, with an emphasis on material science. By working together, we believe we can advance the frontiers of science and technology and develop innovative solutions to complex societal challenges. We look forward to exploring potential collaboration opportunities and working together to create a brighter future through academic excellence and innovation.