Semiconductor Systems 

 Our Semiconductor system solutions span a wide rangeof applications. STL has vast experience in designing the most advanced tools that incorporate the highest end of semiconductor material synthesis.Our products range from the most advanced 24/7production systems to simple laboratory R&D systems. Due to years ofexperience designing semiconductor processes, STL can meet and exceed the mostchallenging requirements at the highest quality. STL can also develop custom systems to meet specific customer needs.

Market    Capitalization

        •Total Market Semiconductor Failure Analysisand Quality Assurance –  USD 8B by2022 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) at 8% pa

      Market Drivers

      •      Semiconductor device sizes are smaller with Samsung and Intel at 7nm. Conventional chip quality assurance  analysis cannot detect failures• Samsung Note-7 failure in 2016 focused chipmakers on high tech quality assurance

 STL Sector

       •      Physical chip level failure analysis , STL will release next generation technology in 2020 .

Our Customers

Samsung, Micron, AMD, IBM, Global Foundries,SK Hynix, Intel, Microsoft, NXP Semiconductor